I am just a girl with a camera, pursing my dream. I grew up in a small one-square mile town where everyone knows everyone and now live right next door to my parents, with my twin sister, in my grandparents old farmhouse which is almost 150 years old! I come from a really close family where we still take family vacations together once a year and spend almost every Sunday afternoon together at my parent's house after church. I have an amazing mom and dad and two sisters, Stacy (my twin) and Crystal.

I love being a twin! My whole life I have had a built-in best friend who has been with me through it all. We both did softball, band and girl scouts together, and had almost all the same friends. If you are friends with one of us, its usually not too long until you're friends with the other as well. We are sort of a package deal, and she has even started working with me as my second shooter for weddings!

I am an outgoing person who loves to spend time with people, but I also love those nights where I can go home, sit on my couch, and relax while binge watching a show and editing photos. I am so thankful for the way the Lord has blessed my photography business and am excited to see what the future holds. 

I'm April, the girl behind the camera!

Things I Love

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that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce."

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Karl Lagerfeld

"What I like about

My Reason Why

I am a farm girl – born and raised, and agriculture photography is where I started my journey. Many photographers start out photographing flowers and butterfly’s, but my passion for photography started on the centennial farm where I grew up. From the large machinery, to the small nuts and bolts that hold everything together, the stories held within the small family farms have captured my heart and soul and have helped me to grow in my photography dreams.

I purchased my first DSLR camera my senior year of high school and spent hours driving around the back country roads photographing old barns, livestock, and my dad in his fields. Those drives were where I learned to appreciate light and composition, and to “see” what makes a photograph truly stunning.

My high school art teacher, Mr. Phillips, encouraged me to follow my passion and to turn it into a career. Thanks to him, and my supportive family I now own a successful photography business where I get to help my clients tell their stories. Whether you’re a high school senior getting ready to graduate and discover more about life, or a couple getting ready to say “I do”, I would love to help you capture those moments before they fade into memories. 

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Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wayne State University