August 9, 2023

Mitch + Kelsey | Lakeport State Park Beach Engagement Session

This, this is exactly why I don’t reschedule until a few hours before a session. Originally the weather forecast had said there would be scattered thunderstorms, but thankfully the storms stayed away until the end of the session and we had a beautiful night!

Mitch and Kelsey met at college where they started off as friends only spending time together in large groups. They stayed this way until a ten-day trip from Berlin, Germany to Krakow, Poland. At the beginning of the trip, they started with small talk and grew to have deeper conversations. When they returned from the trip, they stayed connected for the rest of the summer via SnapChat, Instagram, and texting.

Back at college they continued talking, but as time went on, they stopped hanging out and the texting slowed. That was until Mitch came down with Covid. Mitch’s room was on the first floor, so when Kelsey heard he was sick she went to visit him. She would sit outside his room window, call him on his phone and they’d talk for hours. On Mitch’s second to last day in quarantine, he gathered the courage to ask Kelsey out on a date and she said yes!

March 12, 2023, Kelsey and Mitch were on a trip to Anna Maria Island, Florida to visit Mitch’s grandma when Mitch asked Kelsey to go for a walk on the beach. While on the walk Mitch told Kelsey that he wanted to take a picture of her looking out at the water. When she turned back around, he was down on one knee. He couldn’t even get the question out as Kelsey ran into his arms and said yes as quickly as she could.

Kelsey and Mitch were so much fun to work with and full of laughter! We met at Lakeport State Park Beach and were lucky to get some glow for the first part of their session before the clouds started rolling in. Thankfully, this just made the sky amazing, and the rain and lightening held off until we left. I was very thankful for this as we wanted to take a few photos on the crosswalk bridge with a metal guard! lol

This session is one I will remember forever, for the fun, but also for the slight incident at the end with a missing set of keys. We split off three ways and searched for over a half hour, but finally found them and thankfully ended on a good note!

Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session!