High School Seniors, Portraits

August 21, 2019

L’Anse Creuse North High School – Eddie

It has been a crazy summer! Although I’ve been busy with shooting and editing, regretfully my social media and blog have fallen behind. I was just starting to get a handle on a new workflow and then BAM! July hit and everything went into lightning speed and time flew by. I still have no idea how it is almost the end of August, but between weddings and high school senior sessions, building a parade float for work, participating in the Blue Water Sandfest and the 4-H fair, working on designing my website, and VBS, I feel like I haven’t had time to sleep! Now, most of that is done (until next year) and my goal is to get caught up on blogging!

So here’s the first of many… 🙂

Eddie’s session was memorable for sure! Eddie is a senior at L’anse Cruse North High School and is involved in football, wrestling, lacrosse and hockey. He wanted to start his session on the football field and then head to the country for a few, but little did we know, the marching band was going to be practicing on the field at the same time we wanted to use it!

When I first arrived at the field it was empty. Then, as I was getting ready, I saw a few people walk across the parking lot and head towards the field. When Eddie and his mom arrived, there were even more people walking across the parking lot and heading towards the field, and that’s when we realized that it was the marching band heading to practice. On the field!! After talking things over we decided to stay and see what we could get in-spite of the band.

We walked onto the field and tried to get a few wide shots before the band started practice; and let me just say, Eddie was amazing throughout this entire time! You can’t even tell that there were over 70 other people on the field with us because it didn’t seem to phase him. He just posed how I asked him to and we ended up being able to take a ton of pictures on the field while the band was running, and then head to the bleachers once the band started practice. I was so impressed that Eddie was able to keep a straight face for several of the photos because I was laughing the whole time. It was just crazy! lol

After we finished at the field we headed to a local farm. Eddie loves to fish and ride ATV’s so we wanted to include the country in his session as well. We did a few shots with his truck, as well as a couple of poses with at least one piece of equipment from every sport he has ever been in. My favorite photo from this part was one of the last shots I took. We were all done and I told him to jump out of his truck bed so I could get one more shot and he nailed the look and the pose!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Eddie’s session below!

April 🙂


Before the band took the field… lol

My FAVORITE shot of Eddie and his truck!