Couture, Portraits

June 14, 2019


It’s crazy how fast life goes by! As of last month I have officially been out of college for 4 years. It seems like just yesterday that I was in high school competing against my sister for the highest grades and babysitting for my “niece” and “nephew.” Now I have a full time job, a house, a photography business and a “niece” and “nephew” who are all grown up! They are both WAY taller than me and as of today, officially both in high school!

Jacob and Lauren’s mom, Kari, is my third “sister.” She started as mine and my sister’s Sunday school teacher and our sisterhood grew from there. When Kari got married, my dad found a house for her and her husband right around the corner from us, so we were able to ride our bikes to their house all the time. We had many sleepovers filled with games, movies, and a lot of talking. When Kari told us she was pregnant my sisters and I were so excited;  we’ve been the kids honorary “aunts” since they were born.

I have loved being a part of Jacob and Lauren’s lives and although I miss the days when they were little, I love the relationships we have with them now. Jacob just turned 15 in May and Lauren will be 14 in September! I love the conversations we can have now and how my home has become like a second home to them. One of our friends even teases us that Lauren is our weekend “live-in” since she seems to be at our house most weekends. Both kids even have their own toothbrushes in my toothbrush holder since they were always forgetting theirs at home for sleepovers. lol

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to take Lauren out for a photo shoot around Port Huron. We got her dressed, I did her hair and we headed out. Although it was May it was a pretty cold night, but Lauren did great and I am so proud of her. She looked absolutely beautiful and we had a fun time in-spite of the cold.

Lauren is an amazing girl and I am so proud of her (and Jacob’s) accomplishments. She is active in cheer, band and choir all while maintaining all A’s in school. She even just received the highest award at her 8th grade graduation! She has a powerful voice, and can usually bring me to tears when she sings even though it usually takes a lot to make me cry. lol  How has my little girl grown into such a young lady??

I hope you enjoy these photos from her session. 🙂

Stacy was an excellent skirt fluffer!

Nothing beats a classic black and white! <3

Where did the years go! She looks so grown up.

One of my FAVORITES!!

Stacy and Lauren laughing at some slow motion movies they made.

She may look grown up, but she is still 13… lol These were near end of the session when she was done posing.