High School Seniors, Portraits

October 15, 2019

Memphis High School – Carina

Meet Carina! Carina is a senior at Memphis High School who enjoys ballet, lyrical dance, painting and drawing. She also loves fashion, especially vintage clothing, which is evident in the first two amazing dresses from her session. When she graduates from high school, Carina plans to pursue an art degree with a focus in illustration.

Carina was a little nervous at the beginning of her session, but those nerves were long gone by the end when she was dancing on the beach; she was even brave enough to get in the water!

We started Carina’s session in Lexington and then headed down to the Marina. One of her ideas was to be photographed dancing on the beach at sunset. I was so excited to do this part of her session and probably told everyone that saw me before hand about it! lol Ever since I was a little girl I have loved watching others dance, ice skate, and do gymnastics. I was never good at any of those activities but I  love watching others perform and Carina danced beautifully! I had so much fun working with Carina and LOVE her entire gallery!


April 🙂