Couture, Portraits

September 3, 2019

Princess Kendall

I think the first time I met Kendall was three years ago when I had the privilege to photograph her parents wedding in March of 2016. One of my favorite moments of their entire wedding was seeing Kendall watch her mom and dad dance for the first time as husband and wife. She stayed on the side of the dance floor for a while but eventually ran out to join them for the rest of the song. It was such a sweet moment and I love the pictures from their special dance! <3 Now, three years later, little Kendall is starting first grade and seemed all grown up!

Kendall had so much fun during this session, and I have to admit that so did I! It was one of those sessions where I kept saying, “just one more shot” and then thirty minutes later we were still out taking pictures. lol 🙂

We started the session at Vantage Point in Port Huron, along the boardwalk. It was a busy night of walkers; and it felt like every few minutes we had someone walking by commenting on how beautiful Kendall looked and how pretty the dress was. The attention didn’t seem to bother Kendall though, she continued to pose perfectly in-spite of the onlookers, and rocked the session!

Here are some of my favorites!

April 🙂

Kendall was amazing at getting the skirt to flow just right.

One of my favorites! Just pure joy on her face.

I love Kendall’s blue eyes! <3